Human Research Review Committee

New Submission Procedures

It is the responsibility of the principal investigator to supply copies as outlined below. Copies should include all applicable items: questionnaires, interview schedules, consent and assent documents, permissions, and any other supporting materials.

  1. Send Electronic copy of original with required signatures, and all attachments in one PDF document to the HRRC:
Ways to avoid the top 10 mistakes made in HRRC submissions:
  1. Review the HRRC handbook to make sure you understand the requirements.
  2. Protocol reviewed completely by the supervisor for corrections before submitting to the committee.
  3. Confirm that the researcher actually intends on doing the research. (Please NO submissions that are not going to be carried out to consume time from the committee)
  4. Include all permissions from study sites with the original submission.
  5. Ensure the correct form is used. (Exempt/non-exempt)
  6. Ensure all choices are read and clearly selected for the following:
    • Full/Expedited/Exempt review: (Make sure all and only the correct choices are selected on pages 1 - 4).
    • Clarify risk criteria.
    • Anonymous/confidential (ONLY circle the one that applies-terms defined in handbook)
  7. Consent and assent forms need Principle Investigator and Faculty contact information on them and should be separate (not embedded in the report).
  8. Follow the forms in order, do not modify or change them. Make sure supervisor signature is legible. (Add a new line for printed name, if not on the form)
  9. Number all pages.
  10. Spell out abbreviations.

Clinical Research Training

The following faculty have completed the required Clinical Research Training course and turned in their certificate:
  • Donna Allen (Communication Studies)
  • Glena Andrews (Psychology)
  • Jim Bader (Education)
  • Catherine Beals (Education)
  • Dennis Cartwright (Education)
  • Jennifer Chase (Biology)
  • Richard Craig (Counseling)
  • Heidi Curtis (Education)
  • Ezekiel Ette (Social Work) 
  • Lori Fairgrieve (Counseling)
  • Brenda Freeman (Counseling)
  • Curtis M. Garner (Counseling)
  • Russell Joki (Education)
  • Eric Kellerer (Education)
  • Paula Kellerer (Education)
  • Lawanna Lancaster (Social Work)
  • Barbara Lester (Nursing)
  • Stephen Mountjoy (Education)
  • Cynthia Orr (Education)
  • Kattie Payne (Nursing)
  • Susan Perkins (Counseling)
  • Melanie Person (Counseling)
  • Michael Pitts (Counseling)
  • E. Michael Poe (Education)
  • Al Sanchez (Social Work)
  • Lori Sanchez (Education, Psychology)
  • Karen Smucker (Education)
  • Ron Strohmeyer (Biology) 
  • Kay Webb (Counseling) 
  • Eric Werth (Education)
  • Loredana Werth (Education)

HRRC Committee Members

Joseph Bankard, Ph.D.,Chair
Ezekiel Ette, Ph.D.
Curtis Garner, Ed.D.
Barbara Lester, Ph.D.
Ron Strohmeyer, Ph.D.
Loredana Werth, Ph.D.

Complete NIH Online Training Course:

Human Participant Review Summary Forms

  • Click here for Non-Exempt Studies.
  • Click here for Exempt Studies.